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Motorcycle Boyfriend
Is a series of shorts about Babe, a Human, who finds herself in a relationship with a literal motorcycle man named Handa.
I'm the storyboard artist and one of the writers for these accursed first two shorts. 
I also did animation, BG paint assistance, and voice direction, along with Babe's voice!

You can visit the youtube channel to watch the full shorts, though, you have been warned.

Animatic for "Motorcycle Boyfriend" 

The pit crew team and I were still refining everyone's designs when I created the animatic. 

11 days after we decided to give Handa "real ass cheeks", the first short was born.

Shots I animated


Animatic for "Train Trouble" 

A year after the first short, the Pit Crew and I produced "Train Trouble". We wanted to create 

something a lot more episodic feeling, thus showing a bit more of the world and introducing new characters!


Shots I animated


Babe and Handa's phone designs for "Train Trouble"


BG Paint assistance

5 second day shorts

Various short animated films created for Titmouse's 5 second day event. 

TikTok shorts

From 2020 to 2022 I started creating little animated "fanimations" once a month. They were usually inspired by pre-existing audio clips that were circulating the app at the time. All of these were created in Adobe Animate.


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