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 School of Visual Arts (SVA) - BFA Traditional Animation - 2010

Steve Ahn's Action Adventure Storyboard Workshop - Spring 2016



Titmouse Inc. - Story Board Revisions - ( July 2017 - Present ) 

"T.O.T.S." - Season 1
- 2018-2019
Board Revisions

"Hanazuki" Season -2017
Boards and Board Revisions

Lab Zero Games - Tie down animation - (April 2017 - January 2019)


Aardman Nathan Love - Inbetween Animation - ( Sept 2016 )

Titmouse Inc. - Character animator - ( Nov 2014 - 2018 ) 

"Lost Kitties" - 2018

Character Animation 


"Hanazuki, Full of Treasures" - Theatrical Short -2017
Character Animation


"Niko and the Sword of Light" Season 2 - 2017

Amazon Prime

Character Animation

"Creature cases" - Pilot  - 2016

Character design, layout artist, character animation

"Niko and the Sword of Light" Season 1 - 2016

Amazon Prime

Character animation

"HOME Adventures with Tip and Oh" - 2015

Netflix- Dreamworks

Character animation 

"TMNT - Blast To the Past"  - 2015

Animation & Layout


"China, IL" Season 3  - 2014

Animation & Layout

"What Nana Knows" - Children’s book illustrator, character designer

( 2014 )

Design and illustrate characters and enviornments for children’s book. Create book layouts and work closley with book author to create final product.


“Superior Living” - Pilot episode - Lead Character & Prop designer, Animator

( Nov. 2013 - Jun. 2014 )

Design characters and props to determine episode style. Create character turn-arounds and color guids. Animate characters in Adobe flash using a combination of frame by frame and puppeted animation .

Bunko Studios Inc. - Juinor Designer, Animator & Compositor

( Jul. 2012 - Nov. 2013 )
Supervising character designer for Cartoon Network’s “MAD” show. Create character “heads” using a combination of photo manipulation and 2D drawing in Adobe Photoshop. Puppeted and hand drawn animation in Adobe Flash and Toon Boom. Additional animation and
compositing in After Effects.

Story Chimes - Designer, Illustrator 

( May - Jun. 2012 )
Design and illustrate customized outfits and clothing in Photoshop for “Alex Rain” interactive E-book for iPad & iPhone.

Word Supreme - Animator, Character Designer

( Feb. - May 2012 )
Designed and animated characters for “Word Supreme’s” End Game sequences on iPhone & Android app.

Maxburst Inc. - Graphic Artist, Character Designer

( Jan. 2012 )
Designed and illustrated company mascot for Maxburst inc. Facebook page. - Storyboard Artist

( Dec. 2011 )

Developed and Illustrated storyboard for “’s start up campaign video.

Lollytogs & French Toast - Storyboard Artist, Animator, Voice Director

( Mar. 2011 - Aug. 2011 )

Created educational cartoon discussing Anti-Bullying for grades k-5. Interpret script into storyboard, give direction to voice actors, cut and edit voice over clips into final project. Set up characters for animation using a combination of Photoshop, Flash and After Effects. Work closely and give direction to background artist. Composit animation and add final sound effects and music using After Effects.

Bella Bambolina - Concept artist, Animator, Storyboard artist

( May 2010 - Apr. 2012 )

Created conceptual illustrations and character designs for interactive online game and e-book adaptation. Animate characters in Flash for webpage. Illustrate storyboards for pitch ideas.


Quantum Ward Studios. - Designer, Animator, Director

( Nov. 2010 - Feb. 2011 )

Develop and design characters, environments and elements for children’s educational computer game. Work closely with game developer, organize and review work for assistants. Animate interactive segment on Fire Safety using Flash, composited in After Effects.


2D Animation, character design, story boarding, concept art, compositing, illustration, caricatures.

Adobe Photoshop, Flash / Animate, Storyboard Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, Toon Boom. 

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